January 28, 2009


ThatPinkButtonShirt - Available
ThatRedButtonShirt - SOLD
ThatYeloButtonGreenShirt - Available
ThatYeloButtonBlueShirt - SOLD
*Necklace not included

Width (shoulder): 14 inch
Width (chest): 18 inch
Length: 29 inch
3/4 sleeve with thatcolor button
Material: Cotton

Price: RM 39

January 21, 2009

Shibuya TheJacket

The Pinkish Rose - Available

TheBaby Blues - Available

TheBlack Rose - Available
Width: 15 in
Length: 21 in

Price: RM 59

January 15, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year !

We are delighted to have you visited our blog and we hope you like our collections. For this CNY, we would like to inform you that our new stocks will be ready by end of next week. So, do check the blog ya!

There are not two or three but more than five bazaar coming this week, yes- for CNY shopping. Unfortunately, GroomyRoom wont be able to join any of the event as we are off the town to get fresh,new collections for our customers. :-)

January 6, 2009

TheMonkey Monster

Pink - Available
Yellow - Available

Other colors:
Off-white - Available
Green - SOLD

Price: RM 49
50% Off