November 19, 2009

*New Arrival of printed jerseys* Limited stocks

Yeay. Finally. Sesudah sekian lama membuat kerja di belakang tabir. Menyiapkan tempahan tudung tudung customer, tempahan butik dan tudung uniform korporat.
Kali ni kita menjamu mata dengan kain kain printed jersey terbaru. Stok terhad, cuma 1 atau 2m utk setiap design.
For availability, please visit
Sebarang pertanyaan, sila sms/call 012-6067279 atau email

September 7, 2009

AidilFitri 2009 Editions

AidilFitri 2009 Editions !
Please check the tudung availability at

August 27, 2009

New Arrival ~28 Aug 09~

Please check the details at
Happy Shopping!

August 20, 2009

Among the tudung to be launched soon. Please check
To check availability, please visit

August 15, 2009

Dual Tone Series

This Two Tones combination colors - Blue & Shocking Pink is my favourite. *SOLD OUT This is Dark Deep Purple Two Tones - with matching color TS awning.

August 1, 2009

Dear Valuable Customers,
Thank you very much for your support. Not much I can say.
Most of the ready-made tudungs are already SOLD-OUT. *Thank you*
Slot for pre-orders I can say are ALMOST fully booked until 20 August 2009. Those yang dah placed pre-order, I'll email you (maybe on Monday/Tuesday) your delivery date.
So girls, if there's any plain or printed jerseys you like to transform into a tudung, please make your pre-order by now. I have to manage my time for ready-made and pre-order tudung slot. Coz kain kalau belum jadi tudung, tak npk cantik die. Bila dh jadi tudung, mula la berebut2 nak..kan.
So kalau ada apa2 enquiry regarding pre-order/ready-made/re-stock availability/etc please drop me email, k. Sms is not encourage dalam keadaan yang agak kelamkabut sekarang ni. ;-)

July 29, 2009

Dear Customers,
New tudungs are being posted at Please kindly drop-by at the webstore to view our new collections. If your favourite tudung is sold out, please drop me email/sms to check whether is it possible for re-stock.

July 23, 2009

Been very busy lately siapkan tempahan tudung customers. A few ready stock tudung is available but yet to post them here.
For those yang interested to pre-order the plain tudung for raya, please book your slot by now, as orders keep coming in and I'm afraid, your tudung tak sempat pakai untuk raya puasa. :-)
Please choose the color you like and your preferred awning color. Normally I'll use Thai Silk for awning, but if you have your preferred material and design, please mention it clearly in your email. To secure your slot, please pay deposit RM 30 in advance and the balance when the tudung is ready.
That all for today, please email/sms if you are not clearly how to pre-order etc.
Thank you. GroomyRoom.

* Our official webstore is now in service!

July 14, 2009

Catalog for Plain Jerseys.
Please note that the colors may differ slightly from the actual colors.
For custom-made tudung, please choose your body color, and awning color. Option material for awning - either the jersey or Thai Silk. Choose your cutting - whether its standard size or mini. Any other special request, please mention in the email. Thanks. GroomyRoom.

July 12, 2009

Code: pG036 (SOLD)
Brown Green
Material for body: soft light printed jersey
Material for awning: Thai silk - Dark Brown
Awning type: Half
Size: Standard

Price: RM 55

Code: pG037 (SOLD)
Maroon Stripey
Material for body: exclusive plain jersey
Material for awning: Cotton- Stripe
Awning type: Half
Size: Mini

Price: RM 50

Code: pG038 (SOLD)
Shocking Oren
Material for body: Exclusive plain jersey
Material for awning: Printed Jersey
Awning type: Half
Size: Standard

Price: RM 50

Code: pG039
Dark Blue
Material for body: Exclusive plain jersey
Material for awning: Thai silk - Soft Navy Blue
Awning type: Half
Size: Standard
Price: RM 50

Code: pG040 (SOLD OUT)
Blue Flower
Material for body: Cotton blended printed jersey
Material for awning: Thai silk - Dark Blue
Awning type: Half
Size: Standard

Price: RM 65