July 23, 2009

Been very busy lately siapkan tempahan tudung customers. A few ready stock tudung is available but yet to post them here.
For those yang interested to pre-order the plain tudung for raya, please book your slot by now, as orders keep coming in and I'm afraid, your tudung tak sempat pakai untuk raya puasa. :-)
Please choose the color you like and your preferred awning color. Normally I'll use Thai Silk for awning, but if you have your preferred material and design, please mention it clearly in your email. To secure your slot, please pay deposit RM 30 in advance and the balance when the tudung is ready.
That all for today, please email/sms if you are not clearly how to pre-order etc.
Thank you. GroomyRoom.

* Our official webstore http://www.groomyroom.com/ is now in service!