August 1, 2009

Dear Valuable Customers,
Thank you very much for your support. Not much I can say.
Most of the ready-made tudungs are already SOLD-OUT. *Thank you*
Slot for pre-orders I can say are ALMOST fully booked until 20 August 2009. Those yang dah placed pre-order, I'll email you (maybe on Monday/Tuesday) your delivery date.
So girls, if there's any plain or printed jerseys you like to transform into a tudung, please make your pre-order by now. I have to manage my time for ready-made and pre-order tudung slot. Coz kain kalau belum jadi tudung, tak npk cantik die. Bila dh jadi tudung, mula la berebut2 nak..kan.
So kalau ada apa2 enquiry regarding pre-order/ready-made/re-stock availability/etc please drop me email, k. Sms is not encourage dalam keadaan yang agak kelamkabut sekarang ni. ;-)